This Time

by Thomas James

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stratobiker The songs, the voice, the guitar work...superb. Favorite track: February.
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released February 4, 2014

All music and lyrics by Thomas James.
Produced by Thomas James and Thomas Strike.
Mixed by Thomas Strike.

Thomas James – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Percussion on all tracks.
Thomas Strike – Drum Sequencing on all tracks.
Adam Nagy – Piano and Keyboards on tracks 2 and 10.
Sarah Holburn – Vocals on track 5.
Taylor Higgs – Keyboard on track 1.

Artwork by Thomas James.
Photography by Joshua James Halling.
℗&© 2014 Thomas James / All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Thomas James London, UK

Singer-Songwriter/Guitarist. 24, London, UK.

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Track Name: In Love & War
I built these walls,
So I'll tear them down when I want to,
I could show it all but I'd be bare,
I need something to hold onto,

You know I feel like going home sometimes,
But I can't,
You know it feels like morning rain,
When all your pride is on parade,

This is not a game, although you think it is,
Couldn't be further from what the truth is,
Alcohol and cigarettes never left such a mess,

This is the last I remember,
This is the last I recall,
I swore I'd never ever leave you,
But you got my back up against the wall,
This is the last I remember,
This is the last I recall,
I know not everything is fair in love,
In love and war,

You can hide away,
Even cowards let go if they know how,
You cast words like they are knives,
From a poison tongue, cutting deep inside,

This is not a game, although you think it is,
We couldn't be further from what the truth is,
Alcohol and cigarettes: a tainted digress,


Return leaves to the tree,
Return grape to the vine,
I wish there was something I could say,
Return blue to the sky,
Return sleep to my nights,
I wish there was something I could say,
It's gone like yesterday is,

Track Name: 1989
I fall from the highest places in my mind, I never take the dive,
I’ve been waiting on a sideline, can't believe the speed of time,
As I feel it pass me by, so I,

I stand at a fierce crossroad in my life, unable to decide,
Like a slow scene from a movie, stuck inside a traffic line,
Stop, stand-still or rewind?

This time, this time, this, this, this time,
I’m gonna get it right this time,
This time, this time, this, this,
I've got a second chance at life, like it's 1989,

Sometimes I reminisce on my past life, and I’ve come to decide,
I wanna kick it old-school, just like I used to do,
Hope will dust me off like I’m brand new (brand new me),

Open my heart and my head, see what’s inside,
Let go of every defence I had built in my mind,
Won't wait for life to send me a sign,
This is no time to cocoon, I'll just come back as a butterfly,


I know that it’s a beautiful world, I do believe,
There’s something out there greater than fear, it's crystal clear, bigger than me,

Track Name: Whatever Your Heart Desires
Are you scared? Don't you ever be,
I am here, not 'cause I have to, because I want to be,
The man, grown, willing and well prepared,
18 years alone was more than enough to bare,

So I'll give to you whatever your heart desires,
I’ll give to you whatever your heart needs, whatever you need me to,

Are you there? I know you'll always be,
Faith lives here, in every kind word, in all that you've done for me,
I never knew love was the one thing that would echo through my dreams,
I’ll thank time for being so kind to me and my valentine,


Give me love from a vintage place,
Hearts like these shouldn’t go to waste,
When I’m too old to climb my stairs,
Tell me I’ll see you standing there,

When my heart does burst from giving,
When my body draws a line,
I will know what I was here for,
Though I've known it all the while,

Track Name: Start Living Right
There's people moving everywhere,
Perfect streams illuminate this place,
A trail of clouds, a destination,
Golden light takes tubes up to space,

Oh and if we chase the sun as if our lives have just begun,
It's not young and it's not foolish,
We're always searching for something better than what we've got,

You can do anything you like,
Slow it down, just give it time,
You can see all the things you want to, if you want to,
And when it’s time for you to go,
Just be glad that you're not alone,
You can do anything you like,
Take your life and start living it right,

In tiny aisles we're side by side,
Uniform, a single foot wide,
A gentleman from way down under,
A lady from the highest northern peaks, they believe,

Oh, if we chase the sun like we're forever 21,
It's not young and it's not stupid,
I wonder how I look from here, a tiny dot, a blip in the atmosphere,

Track Name: The Fall (with Sarah Holburn)
Could have been the queen of hearts,
Oh, but someone came, ripped your world apart,
You're falling slow and you speak in tongues,
The lights are all on, nobody’s home, where have you gone?

Three years I lay beside you,
My eyes closed,
It's so hard to love you, you know,
I’m not ready for the fall,
No, not at all,

Tear the mirror from the wall,
'Cause you just can’t stand what you have become,
Your story tells of trouble and open doors,
The damage was done, then I strolled along, it was all wrong,


You deal in disaster,
That’s just your kind,
This life is bittersweet,
Don’t let yours pass you by,

Track Name: Deepest Blue
If you have it all, throw it away,
‘Cause that doesn’t shape no soul, no,
A hard-earned burn you’re craving, don’t hold no hand,
They’ll pretend they understand,

I wanna be somebody,
I wanna stand the test of time,
I wanna be somebody,
Know real pain and let it touch this ride,
If I am blessed, paint this soul with something true,
I wanna be somebody,
So how do I get to that deeper shade of blue?

Let scars tell your stories, 'cause they tell the best ones,
Don’t leave a thing untold, no,
Take the road less travelled, don’t you travel there in style,
Constant uphill battle, barefoot into the wild,

Track Name: February
The snow came, washed everything away,
All that once was grey, turned white just for the change,
I caught your glow, saw it echo through the glass,
Waste this day with me, that's all I could ever ask of you,

Don't it remind you of Christmas?
Though I can't remember the last time,
That we saw it snow in December,
It's been that way now for a while,

Seasons will change like they always do,
In a years’ time I will still be loving you,
Next time it snows, one day in February,
I know I'm gonna spend it with you,

The cold came by, clung to your clothes and made you smile,
You hold onto your coffee and I'll just be holding you,
New year resolutions, they never had their chance to be,
So here’s to the next few that might as well pack their bags, just leave,

Though I don’t know what’s coming tomorrow,
I do know that some things never change,
I still see the glitter in your eyes,
Much like I did that first day,


Seasons are jealous because we're on the up and up,
While everything is falling down around us,

Track Name: I'm Good To Go
I wanna live in the countryside,
Where hills are gold and horses are wild,
I wanna be there when my ship comes in,
Watch it haul in, turn around again,

I wanna find a place no one knows,
Nothing behind me, just one dirt road,
Hop on a train, see where it leads,
Even the railroad has a heart that beats,

My mind's not gonna move, not for nothing,
I'm not gonna sit and wait for something good to come,

Cause I'm free as a bird,
Yes, I'm as free as can be,
I don't need nobody to tell me so,
I'll just backpack to Clarksdale,
Son House on my radio,
I wanna leave the grey behind and look for gold,

I wanna live in the countryside,
Big city lights leave nowhere to hide,
Concrete jungle, concrete land,
They should dig it all up, see the earth again,


Oh, does it matter if I get there?
I just want to sit upon that throne,
The grass may be green here on this side,
But that's not what I'm looking for,

I wanna go back to ‘39,
Sleep in a shack, drink whiskey and wine,
Find me the blues, the heart and the soul,
There's always been a pilgrim in me, I know,

Track Name: Close The Curtain
To begin with, I thought that everything was good,
I finally got it right, I thought I saw something in you,
But it's funny how fast a sweet thing can fade,
Go against your better judgement now, it’s gonna leave you a sour taste,

It’s unlike me to ever say goodbye,
It's out of character for me to put my heart on the line,
It's good to know we feel the same, but not in the right way,

Close the curtain on this love,
It's not the thing we thought it was,
I think its best we shut it down,
Shut the doors and pull the blinds,
Clear your room of things of mine,
Close the curtain on this love,

Chapter one is over, I don't think I wanna stay,
The plotline's flat, the characters are dead, what more do I have to say?
Flowers I bought you are dying, is this young love's dream?
No fake smile, no pretending is gonna grow no garden green now baby,


When I look into your eyes, all I'm gonna see there is passion liquefied,
We both know we're better off alone and if we don't, I know we'll both see it in time,

Track Name: Square One
I walk on through the park,
Don’t know who I am,
Don’t know where I’ve been,
But I see you with brand new eyes,
These years passed because I let them,
Now I cannot reason why,

It’s alright that I’m falling,
Boots on, keep on walking,
Now I, I can’t find the words,
To stress the mess I’m in,
It’s alright that I’m falling,
No way I’m gonna fight it,
Now I’m back to square one again,
I know it’s not too late for us, we were too young, it’s back to square one,

In regret, all is not lost,
I couldn’t see through all the madness,
Was it my age that caused my blindness?
She’s got troubles of her own,
I wanna give her what she gives me,
Reflect the light that she shines on me,


You are the only road that I’ll ever go,
Yours is the only love that I’ve got to know,